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About Doug

Doug is an aspiring serial entrepreneur. His primary company is Payex which provides credit card processing, check protection services, e-commerce, gift/loyalty cards, and funding for businesses nationwide.

Doug also is a businesses strategist and speaker, and has taken the stage along with other entrepreneurs like Tai Lopez and Cole Hatter.  He is obsessed with all things marketing and is constantly honing his skills to better serve small business clients.

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Doug is no stranger to the stage, having spoken at events like Thrive as well as his own independent workshops centered around emotional intelligence and creating a better you.  Doug is currently accepting invitations for speaking engagements in North America.

Doug's Brands

Doug is the founder and CEO of many successful brands which mainly focus on helping other business owners market, grow, and develop their business on a local and national level.

An entrepreneur myself, I understand how important making a positive difference in the world is for small business owners.

Doug Mack, Entrepreneur

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